Breaking Ground

utilities trench

We can officially say that we’ve broken ground!

The first thing on the massive to-do list was getting utilities ran before winter hits. Justin spent countless weekends renting excavators and camping at the property (in the shed, I might add) to get the 7ft deep utilities ditch dug. All of our utilities start at the bottom of the driveway where our well had to be installed. The total length of the utilities ditch is somewhere around 250 ft – which is pretty far!

Justin and I have already come to realize that when we build homes, as buyers, we are so removed from the actual process that we don’t realize just what it take to have something as simple as power and water in our homes. Literally months of hard physical work, sweat, blood, and cursing have happened. When it’s all said and done, everything will be buried and forgotten about. No one will ever see all those details! It really makes you think about how much effort goes into making our stuff.

To catch you up on what it takes to run utilities, you can follow along with our video series.

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