Construction Meter (We have Power!)

Hey, we have power!

This post is a long time coming. I finished building this in December 2017 and we had power turned on in January 2018. Meanwhile a generator provided us the power we needed to keep the RV renovation going. The day we had power up here was a major milestone as you can see by my excitement from something as simple as a light coming on.  : )

The video is a bit technical and detailed but hopefully it can help someone else do the same. I intended to have an electrician knock this out for me but, as usual, 4 out of 5 contractors didn’t call me back and the one that did fell off the planet. So, I decided I could probably knock it out faster then the time it would take to find a guy. I’m glad it happened this way. The pole was pretty easy to put together and as with any DIY project you get the pride boost when it all works.

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