Digging the Well

well granite coving glove

Digging the well deserves it’s own blog post. Let’s just start with, we have the deepest well in all of history! Ok, that’s probably exaggerating a bit, but seriously, it’s 650 ft deep through solid granite! To put it in perspective, most non-mountain wells are somewhere in the 200-400 ft range. The well company drilled for 2 days, and hit 3 fractures before getting a strong enough ‘gallons per minute flow’ to call it safe. Learning how a well was drilled was pretty fascinating. You don’t realize that all that rock and soil has to come out and be launched somewhere. In our case, it was basically pulverized, wet granite. It coated our trees and driveway, making look like a fire had come through and left a coating of ash everywhere – but felt like hard, concrete ash!

To learn more, check out our video.

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