DIY RV Maintenance

The “not so funs” of remodeling…

Once we finally started demolition on the RV we ran into a few minor problems with pretty easy fixes. We decided to document every part of this process, even if it’s not as cool to watch. It’s the reality of remodeling a RV – it’s not fun, but absolutely necessary. So, if you’re starting a remodel, considering one or just curious about what happens, these are they types of “behind the scenes” problems you have to deal with.

The first issue we had was a leak in the shower skylight. We’ve been pretty lucky that our RV didn’t have any previous leaks or water damage – apparently that’s rare! After Justin inspected it, he discovered the main problem was some previous owner used the wrong type of sealant.

The second issue we had was with our furnace. We notice there was always a weird smell we couldn’t quite figure out, and then it eventually stopped working. Justin fixed the problem and decided since it was so dirty to give it a deep clean. Well, we discover what the smell was! Wasps had completely clogged the furnace with a dirt nest! We were basically burning dirt the whole time!

You can watch below as we show you how we corrected both of these problems.



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