Installing our RV Washer/Dryer

After searching high and low for a camper that had a bunk space for the kiddo to sleep, a small work space for Jess to work from home, and a washer/dryer we realized this didn’t exist or was too big/expensive for what we wanted. So, being DIY’ers, we instead looked for a camper that could be converted to have all those things.

One of the reasons we settled on the camper we have was because it had an “entertainment unit” that housed a bulky old school CRT TV and junky stereo equipment. With a little modification this could be converted to house a Splendid washer/dryer unit. This is a micro sized clothes washer that also has a drying cycle all in one. It just barely gets the job done but the size is unbeatable. With our removed location it would be a pain to try and use any kind of laundromat so I will take the lower performance without complaint.

We wanted to share how we installed this and shoe-horned it into place. Hope it helps anyone considering doing the same.

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