RV Demolition Day

Let the demolition begin!

We have big plans to bring this unloved, abandoned camper a new life. It’s going to become our tiny living space that we call home for the next 18 months. We get asked all the time “Why put the effort into remodeling it if it’s temporary?” So may reasons!

First, this is a massive lifestyle change. We know that it’s going to be a challenge to not only live in a much harsher environment, but do this with a 5 year old, 2 cats and 2 grown adults in under 250 sqft. If we can brighten this place and give it a comfortable, homey vibe – that alone will make being there so much nicer! Would you rather come home to a bright and light airy home, or something that is covered in dark wood, floral wallpaper, and green carpet? I’m pretty sure I know the answer.

Secondly, customization. I’ve also had a few people ask, “Why not get a camper with a bunkhouse since you need it?” Good point! We were pretty sold on only purchasing a Keystone camper, and I never found their layouts to have bunkhouses. Plus, most of the bunkhouse models we did see were actually dark and awkward in the bunk area, and we never seemed to like the layouts. OR they usually cost several thousands of dollars more. The Keystone Montana checks off all of our needs, and I’m willing to give up a second sitting area to create a custom bunk/office/play area.

Also, since we’re living in this full-time and we’ll be pretty remote, I was NOT willing to take my laundry to a laundromat every week. We decided that the best spot to install a washer/dryer was in the entertainment cabinet. So, between customizing the bunkbed area and washer/dryer cabinet, we already had a lot of work and demolition that needed to be done.

Lastly, cleanliness and a fresh start. As I mentioned above, this camper had obviously been abandoned. Its interior was in excellent condition and you can tell this thing was rarely use. BUT, it was NASTY! Bugs and mice had been living in it (we found 5 very decomposed rodents), the carpet was stained from mud, and the shower stall had cracked and become unusable. There was no way we would have felt comfortable living and using these very dirty things – even with extreme deep cleaning. This was probably the grossest thing we’d ever done and we wanted to be rid of it!

(I’m sure some people are freaking out about the dead mice, but we followed the CDC guidelines on how to deal with rodent cleanup.)

You can watch the video below to see our first day tearing apart the camper. We’ll have several more posts and videos of the remodeling process coming soon!




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